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Natural Hair Straightening Hacks You Never Know

hair straightingLong time no hair style? Think about a new hair style such as straight or sleek look. There may a lot of examples for choosing styles. Silicones straightener, blow it out or a flat iron can use for curly hairs. For a long time or permanent straight hair, you can use chemical straightener. It will be great news if you can straight your natural curly hair without heat damage and hair fall week after week. We like to keep our hair straight all time but some of us do not want to use relaxer and they also want a healthy hair at the time of straitening.

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Using a Cream or Hairdressing

Select a cream that suits you:

creamOils such as petroleum and lanolin or Silicones like dimethicones or cvclomethicones are used in the products of hairdressing and silicones creams. It’s a very simple way to straighten your hair but you must careful about selecting a right product. Poor and oily hair happens sometimes because of creams and hairdressing. You must gather more knowledge about the products that you are going to choose.

Often long term damage happens with some ways of straightening techniques but if you chose oil- based products that are less harmful from silicones because they get washed out when you use shampoos.

Wet hair is perfect:

If you want the perfect and the right effects from creams and hairdressing you must apply it on wet hair. At first, you should shampoo your hair then let it little dry with a towel and then you can use your cream for best effects.

The cream or hairdressing must be smooth:

You must take care of that how long your hair is when you apply the cream or hairdressing, and then pour it on your palm. You must mix the cream by rubbing hands together and then put it on hair, be careful about covering everything from the roots to tips. When you totally put the products to your hair you should use your fingers for straightening hair. It’s the way that can make the product work. for pulling out the cream you should use a comb that is wide toothed.

You must dry your hair:

Without a hair dryer or a straightener, your products contain oil or silicones will help your hair to dry. After finishing complete drying, you can style your hair as you can.


straighten natural hairYou will find many tips on black hair straightening tips in TheBeautilab website and tricks when you will Google but the tips suggested above are proven tricks. So many people got the most benefits after following the tricks. Now, it is agreeable that if you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned in this particular article will be happy and will thank definitely. However, if you think you need more then you can pay a visit to your hair expert for the best result.

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