Top 3 Best Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

hair removal methodsNowadays, most women don’t like having underarm hair because it not only appear ugly, but also tend to attract more sweat causing undesirable scents. There were days when underarm hairs used to be kind of fashion, and you could see women walking exposing them. Today, that is already a past tense.

Shaving the hair can be done through various methods. However, things have changed and recent popular method has been waxing. Shaving involves use of cheap accessories such as razor, but tends to leave dark spots behind. No one hates having a sexier and silk smooth body. So, shaving may deny you that lovely skin you deserve.

Therefore, epilators can be the best alternative of shaving and waxing since they remove hairs at the roots, though the process is significantly hurting. The reason as to why most modern women prefer epilators is that they are much convenient, and don’t require too much smearing on the skin. With an epilator at home, you can remove the underarm hair without getting assistance from beauty therapists.

But I need to be sincere, especially to those intending to use epilators for the first time. Epilation is painful until you get used, and therefore you must be tolerant enough. Interestingly, the results are wow! The pain actually pays it all.

Underarm Hair Removal Preparation

You cannot just wake and pick an epilator to remove your underarm hair. Like any other therapy, you need to follow the instructions carefully in order to reap best out of it. There are a few things you should know, starting with the preparation phase.

First, choose an epilator for underarm hair removal. There are many options in the market, and you can choose based on your financial ability. However, pay attention more to the features than the price itself. I think you desire best results, and that will be achieved through getting the right epilator.

Alright, should you have a cord or cordless epilator? For other parts of the body such as arms and legs, both options can work well. However, underarms are a bit tedious to remove the hairs. So, cordless models can be a better choice for you. Cordless epilators need to be charged before you start epilating, and they are easy to use.

Just like any other part of the skin, you need to exfoliate the skin right before epilating. This will help get rid of those nasty ingrown hairs.

Steps of Epilating Underarm Hairs

Step 1: Prepare the epilator and the underarm skin

epilatingRemember I stated earlier that the best underarm epilator should be cordless. This area is not like legs, and it can be challenging while trying to position yourself based on the length of the cord. So, first charge the device until it is fully charged.

Take a shower, a warm shower is ideal. Water helps in weakening the hair strands and opening up the pores for easy removal. Don’t forget epilation is a hair plucking method, which removes the hair right at the roots.

Dry the skin after shower using a soft towel. Move the towel in the direction of the hair growth so that the hairs can stand upright for easy plucking.

Step 2: Keep the skin taut and then switch on the epilator

You should first lift up your head over our head, and then stretch the skin using the free hand. Since you cannot see directly at the underarm, use the bathroom mirror. But ensure the skin is taut before epilating.

Switch the epilator on, and put the lower setting if it has the adjustment button. This will allow you to know the best speed you want. The epilator produces some scary sound, but that should not discourage you.

First, hold the epilator at 45 degrees such that part of it is in contact with the skin. Remember it is a bit painful, and therefore you should allow the skin to adapt the pains.

Step 3: Place the epilator at 90 degrees and gently slide along the skin

ingrown hair legNow your skin has adapted to pains, it is time to hold the epilator at 90 degrees angle. This means that the entire epilator’s head is in contact with the skin. Slide gently, but avoid pressing because the epilator might pinch your skin.

People have different underarm hair growth, and therefore try to move the epilator through all directions. Follow all the steps on the other underarm.

Once you have finished epilating both underarms, the areas will be red. Use a damp washcloth to get rid of loose hairs, and then apply aloe vera lotion to reduce itching. However, ensure the skin is not bleeding before applying any kind of lotion.

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