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Natural Hair Straightening Hacks You Never Know

hair straightingLong time no hair style? Think about a new hair style such as straight or sleek look. There may a lot of examples for choosing styles. Silicones straightener, blow it out or a flat iron can use for curly hairs. For a long time or permanent straight hair, you can use chemical straightener. It will be great news if you can straight your natural curly hair without heat damage and hair fall week after week. We like to keep our hair straight all time but some of us do not want to use relaxer and they also want a healthy hair at the time of straitening.

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Using a Cream or Hairdressing

Select a cream that suits you:

creamOils such as petroleum and lanolin or Silicones like dimethicones or cvclomethicones are used in the products of hairdressing and silicones creams. It’s a very simple way to straighten your hair but you must careful about selecting a right product. Poor and oily hair happens sometimes because of creams and hairdressing. You must gather more knowledge about the products that you are going to choose.

Often long term damage happens with some ways of straightening techniques but if you chose oil- based products that are less harmful from silicones because they get washed out when you use shampoos.

Wet hair is perfect:

If you want the perfect and the right effects from creams and hairdressing you must apply it on wet hair. At first, you should shampoo your hair then let it little dry with a towel and then you can use your cream for best effects.

The cream or hairdressing must be smooth:

You must take care of that how long your hair is when you apply the cream or hairdressing, and then pour it on your palm. You must mix the cream by rubbing hands together and then put it on hair, be careful about covering everything from the roots to tips. When you totally put the products to your hair you should use your fingers for straightening hair. It’s the way that can make the product work. for pulling out the cream you should use a comb that is wide toothed.

You must dry your hair:

Without a hair dryer or a straightener, your products contain oil or silicones will help your hair to dry. After finishing complete drying, you can style your hair as you can.


straighten natural hairYou will find many tips on black hair straightening tips in TheBeautilab website and tricks when you will Google but the tips suggested above are proven tricks. So many people got the most benefits after following the tricks. Now, it is agreeable that if you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned in this particular article will be happy and will thank definitely. However, if you think you need more then you can pay a visit to your hair expert for the best result.

bald and beard

4 Grooming and Styling Tips for Your Balding Husband

baldOne of men’s greatest fears is to go bald. No one enjoys the sight of their heads going thinner with hair. For some, this experienced may be welcomed as part of aging, but for the majority of men, going bald can be a major reduction in their self-esteem.

However, we can always do something about it. Instead of blaming all these up into genetics, the only thing we can do is to accept it and look for ways to overcome it.

If you initially noticed that you are starting to lose your hair, you can always try to style or groom it so no one would notice your problem. This is not yet the end for you, and you’ll thank me for giving you some of these options.

Assess how extreme the damage is and weigh your options

bald 2The right thing to do when trying to resolve any problem is to do an assessment of how bad the damage is. For some reasons, many men don’t notice they are getting bald until they get there–some go to a phase of denial, while some are really busy enough to notice.

But whatever situation it is that you are in, no combing technique would actually change it. That’s why men are always left with these two great options.

First, if the hair loss is just limited to the front hairline, it is best to always keep your hair short. This will help you get through the day for quite a while. Just hope that the situation won’t get worse that fast. Follow the link to find the top hair trimmers if you don’t have one!

Second is if the situation is really that bad and have caused you a big bald spot on the top of your hair, then your best resort is to fully shave your head.

Dress appropriately for your age or even older

It is common to think that a balding head will be balanced out by dressing younger than your age, but it is never that way. This will only get the situation even worse and may make you look out of place or mismatched.

If you are in your thirties and are starting to go bald, I suggest that you dress a little bit older like you are in your forties. This is a clever way to balance things out since dressing appropriately to your age will only give you a mature appearance.

The key is to find the style that suits your appearance. Majority of bald men choose to wear well-fitted garments that represent their actual character. You need to find your own style or you can always check out other bald men that have a good sense of style. Popular personalities and celebrities are the best inspiration for this.

Try growing a beard

 bald and beardFor a shaved head look, some men choose to grow a beard to distract eyes away from the bald look. Plus, this makes a more muscular appeal and adds more dimension to everyone’s face.

Another thing is that a bald head can make your face look long. Thus, this idea of growing some beard can break this long appearance and will balance the intensity of the bald look.

Regardless, not all people look good having a beard. But if you’re enjoying it, make sure to properly groom your beard to achieve a more pleasant look.

Properly care for your head

Once you decide to cut or shave your head, you also expose your scalp to harsh elements. Always consider taking care of your scalp by keeping the moisture and applying sun protection daily. Wearing a cap or hat is now a necessity in this instance.

Another is to always consider using balding clippers rather than razors. This will reduce the risk of having ingrown hairs, common for those with curly hairs and it also prevent irritation on the scalp. They are designed to cut hair short, close to the scalp and are generally used for a fade haircut.

As Lifehack mentioned, the biggest advantage you can get when you choose the proper shaving clippers is that you can save lots of time unlike when using a razor and it leaves you an attractive, sharp and clean look you have always imagined.




Top 3 Best Methods to Remove Underarm Hair

hair removal methodsNowadays, most women don’t like having underarm hair because it not only appear ugly, but also tend to attract more sweat causing undesirable scents. There were days when underarm hairs used to be kind of fashion, and you could see women walking exposing them. Today, that is already a past tense.

Shaving the hair can be done through various methods. However, things have changed and recent popular method has been waxing. Shaving involves use of cheap accessories such as razor, but tends to leave dark spots behind. No one hates having a sexier and silk smooth body. So, shaving may deny you that lovely skin you deserve.

Therefore, epilators can be the best alternative of shaving and waxing since they remove hairs at the roots, though the process is significantly hurting. The reason as to why most modern women prefer epilators is that they are much convenient, and don’t require too much smearing on the skin. With an epilator at home, you can remove the underarm hair without getting assistance from beauty therapists.

But I need to be sincere, especially to those intending to use epilators for the first time. Epilation is painful until you get used, and therefore you must be tolerant enough. Interestingly, the results are wow! The pain actually pays it all.

Underarm Hair Removal Preparation

You cannot just wake and pick an epilator to remove your underarm hair. Like any other therapy, you need to follow the instructions carefully in order to reap best out of it. There are a few things you should know, starting with the preparation phase.

First, choose an epilator for underarm hair removal. There are many options in the market, and you can choose based on your financial ability. However, pay attention more to the features than the price itself. I think you desire best results, and that will be achieved through getting the right epilator.

Alright, should you have a cord or cordless epilator? For other parts of the body such as arms and legs, both options can work well. However, underarms are a bit tedious to remove the hairs. So, cordless models can be a better choice for you. Cordless epilators need to be charged before you start epilating, and they are easy to use.

Just like any other part of the skin, you need to exfoliate the skin right before epilating. This will help get rid of those nasty ingrown hairs.

Steps of Epilating Underarm Hairs

Step 1: Prepare the epilator and the underarm skin

epilatingRemember I stated earlier that the best underarm epilator should be cordless. This area is not like legs, and it can be challenging while trying to position yourself based on the length of the cord. So, first charge the device until it is fully charged.

Take a shower, a warm shower is ideal. Water helps in weakening the hair strands and opening up the pores for easy removal. Don’t forget epilation is a hair plucking method, which removes the hair right at the roots.

Dry the skin after shower using a soft towel. Move the towel in the direction of the hair growth so that the hairs can stand upright for easy plucking.

Step 2: Keep the skin taut and then switch on the epilator

You should first lift up your head over our head, and then stretch the skin using the free hand. Since you cannot see directly at the underarm, use the bathroom mirror. But ensure the skin is taut before epilating.

Switch the epilator on, and put the lower setting if it has the adjustment button. This will allow you to know the best speed you want. The epilator produces some scary sound, but that should not discourage you.

First, hold the epilator at 45 degrees such that part of it is in contact with the skin. Remember it is a bit painful, and therefore you should allow the skin to adapt the pains.

Step 3: Place the epilator at 90 degrees and gently slide along the skin

ingrown hair legNow your skin has adapted to pains, it is time to hold the epilator at 90 degrees angle. This means that the entire epilator’s head is in contact with the skin. Slide gently, but avoid pressing because the epilator might pinch your skin.

People have different underarm hair growth, and therefore try to move the epilator through all directions. Follow all the steps on the other underarm.

Once you have finished epilating both underarms, the areas will be red. Use a damp washcloth to get rid of loose hairs, and then apply aloe vera lotion to reduce itching. However, ensure the skin is not bleeding before applying any kind of lotion.

dental hygine

10 Effective Tips for Dental Hygiene

dental hygineHaving a good smile is possible if you know how to take care of your teeth. Dental hygiene can keep you away from experiencing dental problems that somehow affects the way you chew your foods and on how you deal with the people around you. Suffering from bad breath will prevent you from mingling with the crowd because for sure you can only hear negative things from them. So if you want to keep your teeth healthy and have the confidence to show off your natural smile to the crowd, then here are some useful tips that you can follow.

10 Useful Tips for Dental Hygiene

  1. Know the Proper Way of Brushing Your Teeth

The most common step that you can do in taking care of your teeth is through brushing. However, you have to be aware of the proper way of brushing wherein you have to position the bristle at a 45-degree angle. Gently brush the surfaces of your teeth in an up-and-down and back-and-forth motion. Do it slowly to prevent bleeding. You also have to brush the surface area of your tongue and remove the bacteria on the roof of your mouth.

People are required to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Rinsing your mouth with water can also help in minimizing the foods that are left inside your mouth.

  1. Try flossing.

There are times that you cannot get rid of all the food particles left inside your mouth through brushing. This is why you have to try flossing so you can remove particles in between your teeth. You can floss your teeth once a day. Check out the best water flossers online.

  1. Keep away from tobacco.

Tobacco can cause damages to your teeth and can also harm your health. People should avoid smoking if they want to maintain their teeth health and have a fresh breath.

  1. Set limitations for drinking coffee, alcohol, and soda.

These beverages contain phosphorus that can be beneficial for the mouth. However, if you will consume too much of this mineral, it can reduce the amount of calcium in the body which is responsible for having healthy teeth. It is better to drink milk that can make your teeth stronger and can also keep you hydrated for a longer period of time.

  1. Take in foods that are rich in calcium and vitamins.

Your teeth need plenty of calcium for it to stay strong. You can also look for calcium supplements to be assured that your teeth absorb enough calcium. It is also of a great help if you will take in vitamins such as vitamin D, iodine, zinc, iron, and copper that can contribute in having healthy gums and teeth.

  1. Have a regular dental checkup.

    care dentist

There is nothing for you to be afraid of going to a dentist because they know how you can prevent dental problems. You can visit them once in a while so you can identify right away the problem with your teeth and apply immediate actions.

  1. You also need to use mouthwash.

Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth, using a mouthwash can also help you get rid of bacteria and avoid acquiring bad breath. It can also help strengthens the teeth.

  1. Deal with dental problems quickly to prevent it from getting worse.

Suffering from a toothache means that you have to acquire help from your dentist right away instead of handling it yourself. Your dentist will identify the cause of the problem so that he can make proper actions to stop the pain.

  1. Know the importance of dental hygiene.

importanceMost people overlooked dental hygiene because they failed to realize how important it is to their lives. If only they will become aware of the problems that they will acquire if they will not brush their teeth regularly, then for sure they will always find time to clean their teeth and even visit their dentist. Having healthy teeth will not only make you look beautiful but it can also keep you away from heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

  1. Use tongue cleaner.

Using a toothbrush is not enough for you to say that your mouth is totally clean. You also have to clean your tongue so that bacteria will not stay in your mouth that can result to bad breath.